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Mid-Shropshire league Survey 2020 Season

posted 24 May 2020, 07:26 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 24 May 2020, 07:32 ]


A survey from the Mid Shropshire league, this is to determine how bowlers would be interested in bowling IF the league was to resume. Also if interested what format would they prefer:

Question 1 – If competitive league bowling is allowed later this year, how many of your club’s bowlers do you think would want to play in fixtures?

Question 2 – Would that number be higher if the usual league fixture structure was changed to:

(a) reduced numbers in matches (eg 8 instead of 12 or 10-a-side)

(b) matches played on a home and away basis on one night, as in the team knockouts (eg 4 at home-4 away if an 8-a-sdie fixture)

(c) matches in more localised mini league groups to reduce travelling?

Question 3 – If there is insufficient demand for league fixtures, or too late in the summer to start them, how many of your club’s bowlers would you estimate would want to bowl in League competitions?

Can you indicate your option either on the Sir John Bayley Bowls page on Facebook, or by texting Ric Hudson.  We need all replies by the 5th June.

If you know any bowlers that doesn't have access to Facebook or the internet can you ask them for their choices and let Ric know.