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Division 1 match v Donnington Wood A

posted 5 May 2017, 23:16 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 5 May 2017, 23:19 ]


SJB A v Donn Wd A - The Decision

Delegates at the League's May management committee meeting on Tuesday 2nd May considered the issue of the Sir John Bayley A v Donnington Wood A fixture in division 1 on Friday 21st April that was not played.

Following a meeting of League officers held in advance, they were asked to consider 2 options:

1 – Implement the whole of rule 8 and fine Donnington Wood £60 and award the fixture to Sir John Bayley A. They would receive 10 points and plus 120 on aggregate while Donnington Wood would be deducted 5 points and have 252 taken from their aggregate total.

2 – Fine Donnington Wood £60 for failure to fulfil the fixture and order the game to be replayed. The re-arranged date must be before the end of June (ie before the halfway point of the season)  and decided solely by Sir John Bayley - with Donnington Wood given no choice in the matter. And Gavin Taylor is NOT allowed to attend or take any part in the new fixture – UNLESS his lifetime ban from the premises of the Sir John Bayley Club is lifted in the interim.

There were NO votes in favour of option 1 and those that voted were all in favour of option 2 - the general feeling of the meeting that delegate and their clubs want to see the fixture actually played.