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Championship of the Green

posted 11 Aug 2020, 00:16 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 11 Aug 2020, 00:16 ]

 The Championship of the Green is to be held on Sunday 23rd August at the club, all games 21 up and entry fee £2. 11-45am scratch time with a 12-15 start.
 All rules for social distancing will apply as before.

Bowls Competition Sunday 9th August 11-45am

posted 5 Aug 2020, 00:57 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 5 Aug 2020, 00:58 ]


In view of recent changes to rules and regs regarding safe distancing, I’m happy to announce we will be holding an In House Bowls Competition this Sunday 9th August. Scratch will be 11.45 to start as close to 12.00 as possible.

£2.00 entry fee. Under 16’s no charge. All monies to be paid out.

The competition should have been the doubles Comp but even though we can now play limited doubles I feel it safer to stick to single comps for now . Therefore, we will run a round robin format with a handicap system. Each game will be played to 13.

Let’s all make an effort if you haven’t already made plans for Sunday and support your club in these hard times. Please pass on this message to anyone you know does not have access to Facebook.

James Blair

Shropshire Premier league Fixtures Cancelled for 2020

posted 12 Jun 2020, 00:25 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 12 Jun 2020, 00:25 ]

 Following consultations with member clubs a decision has been reached by the Management Committee to postpone this season’s league fixtures for the Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League. These fixtures will most likely be moved over to 2021. The league will
continue to monitor the situation regarding COVID-19 and follow any guidance given by the government and the BCGBA. If and when it becomes possible we will look at running informal individual or small team competitions before the end of the season.

Mid-Shropshire Fixtures Cancelled for 2020

posted 12 Jun 2020, 00:13 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 12 Jun 2020, 00:13 ]


No Real Choice In The End . . .

posted 12 hours ago by Malcolm Fletcher
MSBL Statement on the 2020 season – issued to club officials on Wednesday 10th June

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that there will be NO Mid Shropshire League fixtures this year.

The officers voted unanimously at a Zoom meeting tonight (WEDS) to finally give up on any hope of organising some kind of competitive fixtures in 2020.

The League’s canvass of its member clubs showed that there was only a small demand for them, with just 230 out of nearly 1,500 bowlers willing to consider playing in some form of league fixtures – if permitted by the Government and the BCGBA.

Our hope had been to cater for that demand under the phase 3 re-opening of greens guidelines that are scheduled to be issued on July 4, but they are set to limit numbers to 6 at a club at one time - and, put simply, we have been overtaken by events and now feel that is not safe or prudent to go any further with the fixture plans.

The officers have a duty of care to ensure that everyone would be able to enjoy a return of fixtures safely but, given all the rising number of safeguarding hoops the clubs willing to take part in fixtures would have to jump through to go ahead, makes it simply impractical.

County safeguarding officer Phil Scott was contacted for advice before the vote was taken and his message was simply: ‘Don’t bother with league fixtures this year – it’s not worth the hassle’.

And when you consider that he has been told by BCGBA chief exec Mark Bircumshaw that all bowlers who play in any league fixtures this year may have to be tested for the virus regularly, you can see how the no-go vote became easy.

The officers do have a sense of guilt for leaving the decision this late, but we wanted to give the situation as long as possible to develop before opting to put the League into hibernation for at least a month.

But they refuse to give up on holding competitions in 2020, and will meet again in mid July to see if it is possible to run the Merits, Dixon Driscoll Doubles and perhaps even a re-launched four-a-side event for the Bill Chapman Trophy in August and September.

For now though the officers urge all bowlers to support their clubs to make sure they get through the pandemic, pay their annual subs, go and practice and maybe even take part in in-house club leagues or comps – always bearing in mind the current social distancing and safeguarding protocols.

Fingers crossed, the Mid Shropshire League can still cater for those who want to get competitive later this summer and that the year won’t be a total write-off.

Take good care everyone,

Malcolm Fletcher - general secretary, on behalf of all MSBL officers

Mid-Shropshire league Survey 2020 Season

posted 24 May 2020, 07:26 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 24 May 2020, 07:32 ]


A survey from the Mid Shropshire league, this is to determine how bowlers would be interested in bowling IF the league was to resume. Also if interested what format would they prefer:

Question 1 – If competitive league bowling is allowed later this year, how many of your club’s bowlers do you think would want to play in fixtures?

Question 2 – Would that number be higher if the usual league fixture structure was changed to:

(a) reduced numbers in matches (eg 8 instead of 12 or 10-a-side)

(b) matches played on a home and away basis on one night, as in the team knockouts (eg 4 at home-4 away if an 8-a-sdie fixture)

(c) matches in more localised mini league groups to reduce travelling?

Question 3 – If there is insufficient demand for league fixtures, or too late in the summer to start them, how many of your club’s bowlers would you estimate would want to bowl in League competitions?

Can you indicate your option either on the Sir John Bayley Bowls page on Facebook, or by texting Ric Hudson.  We need all replies by the 5th June.

If you know any bowlers that doesn't have access to Facebook or the internet can you ask them for their choices and let Ric know.

Seniors league 2020 Season Cancelled

posted 23 May 2020, 12:31 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 23 May 2020, 12:31 ]


Recent announcements

The League Officers after Discussion feel that is no option but to abandon this seasons league matches and competitions in their entirety.

Those who wish to social bowl at their own club assuming the club is open can of course do so, but strictly to follow the B.C.G.B.A  guide lines and of course at all times please KEEP SAFE.

It is regrettable that this decision has been reached by the Officers of the League but the health and safety of all our league bowlers must be the first and only consideration

The seasons fixture list will be replicated for next season 2021 with keeping in mind adjustments made for teams ie leaving/ joining.

Thanks to all our league bowlers for their patient understanding in these difficult times and to wish you all good health in the coming months and hope we can get back to playing and socialising with the game we all love.

John.R.Ford  (Secretary)

Wem league 2020

posted 14 May 2020, 07:59 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 14 May 2020, 08:00 ]

 The WEM league have announced that all matches for the 2020 season have been cancelled due to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Secretary,
After much deliberation the committee have decided to cancel all league fixtures for the 2020 season. Social distancing rules, which are in operation until July and beyond, make it impossible to complete any fixtures. If Covid19 restrictions are eased later in the summer it may be possible to play the league merit and doubles competitions.
Any entry fees paid for this season will be carried forward to 2021.
Best wishes,
Graham Hughes (Secretary)

If and when the greens are open. (At the moment they are Closed)

posted 14 May 2020, 00:43 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 14 May 2020, 00:46 ]


This Guidance is for English clubs only (at present) Recommendations to consider before opening your green


Phase 1


  • Limited Green Opening, Exercise and Practice (Full Social distancing must be maintained 2 metres distance)
  • During Phase 1 only 1 group permitted on the green at a time
  • Bowling Greens can re-open, but you should only partake alone, or with members of your household, or with one other person from outside your household, while practising social distancing.
  • Club Schedule of Attendance (names, dates & times must be recorded) produced to ensure limited attendance should be maintained (record of green availability should be maintained)
  • Only Club members allowed on a Green
  • Ensure that your Insurance cover is up to date, Endsleigh Cover is dependant on membership of BCGBA (club fee £35.00)
  • Each Club will have to make their own assessment of the safety in opening your green
  • Arrangements should be made to manage the social distancing and all other hygiene procedures
  • You will need to ensure you have your landlord’s permission to open the green if this applies
  • Maintenance schedule will need to be reviewed to ensure green is available for play prior to opening
  • Club Buildings and toilets to remain closed, will be reviewed as part of phase 2/3

·       Club to appoint a central contact (To enable track and trace records should this be required)

Be aware that this guidance could change at any point and could be withdrawn if the risk level increases



Crown Green Bowls - The Opening of Greens


  • Only use your equipment brought from home (jacks, mats, bowls etc.)
  • Sterilize equipment before and after use
  • Keep strict social distancing measures in place - you must remain at a safe distance (2 metres) from people outside of your household
  • Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity - wash your hands when you get home
  • You must have permission from your club to use the green
  • Your club will have an agreed process for you to agree a time for you to access the green
  • Once you have completed your session, please depart as soon as you safely can to enable others to access the green.
  • You may only play on green if you are a member of the club
  • Do not enter clubhouse, or any facility which is part of the club (including toilets)
  • Do not use club equipment
  • Do not organise any competitive bowls.
  • Do not turn up at the green without prior agreement from your club
  • Being careful about touching solid surfaces e.g. gates, seating, doors, etc.
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home, avoid touching your face and take hand sanitiser with you to use while out if possible
    • Your Club most have written authority from the landlords of the green that you can gain access to the green under the strict guidelines laid out in this document and then follow all guidelines
    • It is the clubs’ responsibility to decide if your facility is open.
    • Please check that your insurance is valid
    • You must have a clear process for knowing who Is playing at the green, make this as clear as you can for your club members to understand and abide by.
      • Please place a sign in clear view of all visitors of the guidelines set out above.
      • Do not use clubhouse and any toilet facilities connected with the Club, ensuring there is clear signage to state this
      • Do not use club equipment






•   Do not organise any competitive bowls - No Competition’s, Leagues Matches, or Tournaments

  • Only Club Members will be allowed on your Green.





Green opening plan – Club Risk Assessment - post corona virus (Some points for consideration).


Date of risk review………………………...

Compiled  by……………… Date………….

Green opening plan – post corona virus                                                                                                                                      Reviewed   by………………  Date….………


Risk (from risk assessment)

Actions to treat risk

Person responsible

Timetable for implementation

Monitoring of risk


Social distancing

Only partake in such activities alone, with members of your household, or with one other person from outside your household, while practising social distancing


Clubs/ Committee


To Be Agreed


All Players




Players should bring their own equipment, bowls, jacks and mat where possible. This should avoid inter group contact. Equipment should be cleaned prior to and after

a session.



Clubs/ Committee



To Be Agreed



All Players



Under 18’s should only play within a household group, maximum 3 people.


Clubs/ Committee


To Be Agreed



Family Groups

Family groups can play together but should minimise potential contact with any other group on the green. (Single Household)


Clubs/ Committee


To Be Agreed


All Players







Over 70’s

This group have additional risks due to the nature of the virus and additional conditions should be adopted to keep everyone safe.

Mixed age groups should be avoided until it is agreed safe to do so.




Clubs/ Committee




To Be Agreed




All Players



Opening of buildings

Risks should be assessed once permission is agreed to open club facilities. Opening of toilets will need to be assessed separately along with facilities for handwashing

and cleaning.



Clubs/ Committee



To Be Agreed



Club Committee

Risk (from risk assessment)


Actions to treat risk

Person responsible

Timetable for implementation

Monitoring of risk


Spectators / Markers

As there is no competition no spectators or markers permitted


Clubs/ Committee


To be agreed




















All Bowling Cancelled for the Foreseeable Future

posted 16 Mar 2020, 12:31 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 16 Mar 2020, 12:32 ]


Statement from the BCGBA

Following the Government announcement this afternoon it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the foreseeable future.
Based on the advice announced we need to avoid all mass gatherings and sporting event as these will no longer be supported by the emergency services.
If anyone within your household has symptoms then the whole family need to isolate for 14 days.
Limit social contact wherever possible and encourage working from home.
At risk groups - those over 70 and those with medical conditions need to take additional care.
All BCGBA meetings should now be postponed as un-necessary travel should be avoided. Contact in Pubs, Clubs and restaurants to be avoided.
Taking this all into account all leagues should now suspend matches until such time as we are given an all clear to resume competition.
All BCGBA and BCGLCC Competitions are now suspended until further notice this should include all qualifier events.
As a Bowls community we need to look after our members and I encourage you to follow the advice being given and support those we are able to at this very difficult time.
Mark Bircumshaw (CEO)



Premier Team Averages 1994 - 2019 Updated

posted 8 Oct 2019, 00:35 by Phil Default Account   [ updated 8 Oct 2019, 00:44 ]

 All time player Averages updated for Premier League 1994 - 2019. 

 Spencer Clarke top of all-time averages with 406 wins out of 547 matches.
 Norman Harvey with most appearances with 610 out of 660 Premier matches

 100 players have appeared for the Bayley in the 26 years of the Shropshire Premier League

 Click on Link  HERE

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