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Shropshire Cup Semi-Final

posted 18 Jul 2019, 00:32 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 18 Jul 2019, 00:34 ]

 After a good run in the Shropshire Cup, Bayley A fell to rivals St Georges by 19 chalks in the Semi-Final.

 The match was played at Monkmoor, Shrewsbury,
 Scores Below:-

Sir John BayleyScoreScoreSt Georges
Ian Delves2113Jim Kellett
Anthony Roche1521Jonathan Davies
Craig Baugh 1621Alison Cotton
Gino Farruggio Snr1321Sonya Lucas
James Blair 1521Ryan Mills
Pat Minton1721Graham Turner
Arthur Morris1821Phil Jones
Daniel Wilson1721Darren Lord
Ben Hudson 2113Steve Pessall
Aidy Ashley 1621Jim Gaut
Dan Lewis 1321Paul Beer
Garry Owen217Barry Gilder

Harris Cup Round 1

posted 10 Jul 2019, 23:39 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 10 Jul 2019, 23:39 ]

 Result of the First Round of the Harris Cup played last night Wednesday 10th July
Played at SJ Bayley A
SJ Bayley A Score Score Charlton A
Gino Farruggio (s)  21 20 Annette Lucas *
Pat Minton * 21 14 Warwick France *
Robin Clarke ** 21 16 Chris France *
Jan Minton ** 21 13 Dave Mansell
Tony Roche ** 21 13 Mick Cornes *
Ian Delves * 21 20 Ann Withington
Games 6 0  
Aggregate 126 96  
Played at Charlton A
Charlton A Score Score SJ Bayley A
Alan Pritchard 21 20 Craig Baugh **
Eric Pitchford * 12 21 James Blair **
Barrie Phillips 21 17 Dan Wilson
Alan Munn 13 21 Aidy Ashley *
Roger Vernon 9 21 Arthur Morris **
Bruno Alsdorf * 21 10 Garry Owen *
Games 3 3  
Aggregate 97 110  
Combined Totals
SJ Bayley A
Charlton A
Games 9 3  
Aggregate 236 193  
Handicap 3 23  
Total 239 216  

Shropshire Cup Quarter Final

posted 3 Jul 2019, 23:24 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 3 Jul 2019, 23:27 ]

 Bayley A reached the Semi-Final of the Shropshire Cup with a good win against Prees,
 played last night Wed 3rd July at Crescent, Shrewsbury.

 Scores below

Sir John BayleyScoreScorePrees
Aidy Ashley 1521Chris Allmark
Craig Baugh 2115Luke Grocott
James Blair 2111Jim Llewelyn
Ian Delves2021Jason Davies
Ben Hudson 2113Ian Cartlidge
Dan Lewis 2114Vin Lines
Derek Mckenzie 1721Ben Grocott
Pat Minton2111Dan Whelan
Arthur Morris1721Adrian Bromfield
Garry Owen1521Stuart Hodges
Anthony Roche2120Joan Groom
Daniel Wilson2110John Gleave

Spencer Clarke retains Shropshire Merit

posted 23 Jun 2019, 11:28 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 25 Jun 2019, 10:29 ]


 Spencer Clarke wins the Shropshire Merit for the second year running.

 He beat Callum Wraight a 3 time winner of this event  21 - 15 in the Final, played at Tilstock today 23rd June.

  Ist round he beat Mark Shore    21 -16
  2nd round  Liam Stevens          21 - 11
  Quarter Final Graham Wornell   21 - 8
  Semi-Final Paul Williams          21 - 18

 Congratulations to Spencer on a magnificent achievement.

  Previous Winners
Year Winner Club Runner-up Club Venue
C. Wraight Castlefields P. Bound Meole Brace Pontesbury Nags Head Green
2016 W. Rogers Burway P. Farmer Childs Ercall Wem B.C. No.1
2015 R. Roden Bowring P. Farmer Newport Allscott B.C.
2014 R. Goddard Castlefields S. Clarke Sir John Bayley Craven Arms B.C.
2013 K. Roberts Burway J. Partridge Burway Old Shrewsbury B.C. No.1
2012 C. Wraight Castlefields A. Moss Chester Road Bicton B.C.
2011 C. Wraight Castlefields G. Neal Prince Hotel Wem B.C. No.2
2010 M. Lloyd Chester Road P. Farmer St Georges Bicton B.C.
2009 A. Davidson Newport P. Latham Chester Road Adderley
2008 A. Moss Chester Road S. Clarke Sir John Bayley Reman
2007 P. Farmer St Georges A. Moss Chester Road Severnside B.C. No.2
2006 P. Farmer St Georges M. Beer Battlefield Prees No.2
2005 P. Farmer Childs Ercall A. Davidson Newport Hadley USC
2004 A. Davidson Newport P. Farmer Childs Ercall Abbey B.C.
2003 R. Goddard Castlefields D. Wright Wem U.S.C. Norton-in-Hales B.C.
2002 M. Jones Meole Brace P. Farmer Childs Ercall Whittington B.C.
2001 C. Weaver District R. Lawson Donnington Wood Craven Arms B.C.
2000 J. Breeze Donnington Wood J. Grimston Donnington Wood Bicton B.C.
1999 A. Moss Woore M. Jones St Georges Whixall B.C.
1998 K. Pessall St Georges K. Wall Castlefields Edgmond B.C.
1997 S. Parsonage Craven Arms K. Pessall St Georges Bridgnorth B.C.
1996 A.F. Poole Castlefields W. Tarrell Hanwood Severnside B.C. No.2
1995 C. Beaman Battlefield A. Jones Hadley U.S.C. Bylet B.C.
1994 D. Wright Wem U.S.C. K. Jones Ford Glynwed B.C.
1993 P. Farmer Four Crosses A.F. Poole Castlefields Severnside B.C. No.2
1992 R. Teague Sir John Bayley I. Lealand St Georges John Maddocks B.C.
1991 A. Jones Hadley U.S.C. S. Faulkner Donnington Wood Severnside B.C.
1990 S. Allmark Wem B.C. G. Herbert Castlefields Bylet B.C.
1989 I. Lealand Sir John Bayley A.F. Poole Castlefields Severnside B.C.
1988 K. Walton Meole Brace B. Shore G.K.N. Sankey Prees B.C.
1987 B. Shore G.K.N. Sankey A. Dodd Oxon Perkins B.C.
1986 D. Jones George Hotel A.C. Dowley Wem U.S.C. Tilstock B.C.
1985 A. Dodd Oxon R. Lawson Donnington Wood British Sugar B.C.
1984 A.F. Poole Castlefields E. Cadwallader Burway Ludlow Castle B.C.
1983 A. Mayhew Castlefields K. Wall Castlefields Fox Lane, West Felton
1982 G. Clarke Dun Cow Mick Oliver The Nabb Prees B.C.
1981 A.C. Dowley Wem U.S.C. J. Addison Telepost Rolls Royce B.C.
1980 K. Pessall Hadley U.S.C. B. Griffiths St Georges Charlton B.C.
1979 D. Wright Wem U.S.C. A. Jones Meole Brace Tilstock B.C.
1978 B. Shore Sankey Mick Oliver The Nabb British Rail B.C.
1977 D.I. Lawrence Pontesbury R.G. Meyrick Crescent Crescent B.C.
1976 S. Williams Pontesbury E. Jones Pontesbury Hadley U.S.C.
1975 A.F. Poole Castlefields C. Rushton Battlefield Prees B.C.
1974 M. Rogers Battlefield A.F. Poole Castlefields Rolls Royce B.C.
1973 C. Rushton Battlefield M. Hinton Sir John Bayley G.K.N. Sankeys
1972 A. Gibbons Castlefields C. Rushton Battlefield Harlescott Inn
1971 A.F. Poole Castlefields M. Biddulph The Nabb Glynwed B.C.
1970 M. Hinton Sir John Bayley R. Dulson Wem B.L. Rolls Royce B.C.
1969 R.J. Ellison Tilstock J. Williams Allied Ironfounders G.K.N. Sankeys
1968 R.G. Meyrick Crescent A.F. Poole Castlefields Chester Road B.C.
1967 C. Clift Castlefields W.S. Gennoe Postal Meole Brace B.C.
1966 R.G. Meyrick Crescent A.E. Jones St Julians Sankeys B.C.
1965 A.C. Dowley Meole Brace D.M. Beer Battlefield Rolls Royce B.C.
1964 J. Bradick Castlefields J. Candlin Allied Ironfounders Allied Ironfounders B.C.
1963 A.C. Dowley Meole Brace R.G. Meyrick Crescent Meole Brace B.C.
1962 R.G. Meyrick Crescent A.R. Jones Wrockwardine Wood Wem B.C.
1961 R.G. Meyrick Crescent A.F. Poole Castlefields Sankeys B.C.
1960 A. Thomas Castlefields A.C. Dowley Castlefields Sentinel B.C.
1959 R.G. Meyrick Crescent A.C. Dowley Castlefields Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1958 R.G. Meyrick Crescent A. Thomas Castlefields Monkmoor Hotel B.C.
1957 W.M. Howells Crescent W.S. Gennoe Postal Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1956 R.G. Meyrick Crescent W.J. Morris Pontesbury Severnside B.C.
1955 R.J. Davies Meole Brace A. Matthews Wrockwardine Wood Sentinel Works
1954 J.H. Breeze Sentinel R.S. Thomas Castlefields Meole Brace B.C.
1953 A.H. Walker Sir John Bayley R.S. Thomas Castlefields Wrockwardine Wood
1952 W.M. Howells N.A.L.G.O. R.W. Owen Castlefields Severnside B.C.
1951 A.R. Jones Wrockwardine Wood R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O. Meole Brace B.C.
1950 J. Bebbington Ye Olde Crofte E.F. Roberts Old Shrewsbury Cae Glas, Oswestry
1949 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O. B. Pickering Postal Severnside B.C.
1948 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O. W.M. Howells N.A.L.G.O. Severnside B.C.
1947 J. Massey Old Shrewsbury L.A. Page Meole Brace Severnside B.C.
1946 A. Thomas Castlefields J.D. Clifford Old Shrewsbury Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1945 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O. S. Picken Cock Hotel Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1944 R.G. Meyrick N.A.L.G.O. W.J. Gennoe Postal Severnside B.C.
1943 W.T. Boughey Severnside E.W. Moorfield Old Shrewsbury Greenfields B.C.
1942 No Competition

1941 No Competition

1940 No Competition

1939 H. Thomas Monkmoor W.J. Gennoe Postal Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1938 J. Westbrook Horsehay C.S. Hawskford N.A.L.G.O. Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1937 C. Morris St Julians R. Wildblood Battlefield Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1936 W.E. Evans Battlefield S.C. Galley All Saints Greenfields B.C.
1935 D.B. McQuistin Oxon W.J. Gennoe Postal Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1934 W.M. Howells Postal W.M. Green Battlefield Battlefield B.C.
1933 W.J. Gennoe All Saints Chas. Crane Old Shrewsbury Greenfields B.C.
1932 J.H. Pye Old Shrewsbury W.J. Gennoe All Saints Severnside B.C.
1931 J.W. Rose All Saints W.M. Howells All Saints Monkmoor Hotel B.C.
1930 C. Morris Sentinel A. Rowlinson Chatwood Greenfields B.C.
1929 C. Robinson Frankwell J.H. Pye Shrewsbury Severnside B.C.
1928 A.S. James Uffington W.M. Green Old Shrewsbury Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1927 T.R. Richards Severnside C. Crane Old Shrewsbury Severnside B.C.
1926 A. Riley Cock Hotel J.W. Pickering Dawley Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1925 A.S. James Hadley U.S.C. A.T. Moore Greenfields Severnside B.C.
1924 C. Magness Cock Hotel J.C.H. Bowdler Severnside Severnside B.C.
1923 D.B. McQuistin Old Shrewsbury G. Davies St Georges Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1922 J.H. Pye Old Shrewsbury W.J. Browning Shrewsbury Ludlow Castle B.C.
1921 E.T. Jones Old Shrewsbury W.A. Hewitt Severnside Severnside B.C.
1920 J.H. Pye Old Shrewsbury W.P. Price Severnside Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1919 W.A. Hewitt Severnside W.G. Brazier Severnside Severnside B.C.
1918 A.C. Smith Severnside F.G. Rowland Severnside Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1917 G. Rowson Old Shrewsbury T. Canterbury Old Shrewsbury Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1916 J. Jones Severnside A. Baxter Severnside Shrewsbury B.C.
1915 T.H. Cureton Shrewsbury J. Jones Severnside Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1914 G. Corbett Craven Arms C.C. Hide Craven Arms Old Shrewsbury B.C.
1913 W.A. Hewitt Old Shrewsbury F. Richards Oxon Old Shrewsbury B.C.

Shropshire Cup Q/F

posted 23 Jun 2019, 00:49 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 23 Jun 2019, 00:52 ]

 Bayley have been drawn to play Prees on Wednesday 3rd July in the Quarter Final of the Shropshire Cup.
 Match to take place at Crescent, Shrewsbury 7pm'

 If Bayley win they will play the winners of Hadnall v St Georges on Wednesday 17th July.

 Full Draw

The quarter final draw is below, to be played on Wednesday 3rd July.

1Sir John Bayley  PreesAtCrescent
2Hadnall  St GeorgesAtPontesbury Nags Head
3Castlefields  TelepostAtOld Shrewsbury No.2
4Pontesbury  Hadley USCAtHadnall

The Semi Finals are between ties 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 on Wednesday 17th July.

Club Competition Sunday 26th May

posted 16 May 2019, 23:16 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 16 May 2019, 23:17 ]

 In house competition Sunday 26th May. Depending on numbers, this will either be an open tournament or a round robin. Scratch will be 12:15. Entry will £2 per person.

No 1 Green

posted 11 May 2019, 01:06 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 11 May 2019, 01:07 ]

 The number 1 green (bottom), will be in use on Thursday 16th May by the Mid-Shropshire Seniors League from 12-30pm until 4pm.
 A qualifying round for the individual merit is being held on the green.

Open Competition (Handicap) 12-00pm

posted 11 Mar 2019, 05:15 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 11 Mar 2019, 05:27 ]

 An open pre-season competition open to all members to be held on Sunday 24th March.
 12-00 pm for enrollment for a 12-30pm start. Handicaps to apply.
 £2 entry fee.

Seniors league Fixtures 2019

posted 6 Feb 2019, 11:44 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 6 Feb 2019, 11:44 ]

 The Mid-Shropshire Seniors League fixtures have been released.
 Fixtures under Seniors League button above.

Premier League Fixtures 2019

posted 16 Jan 2019, 08:53 by Phil 1 Owen   [ updated 16 Jan 2019, 08:54 ]

 The Premier team start their Fixtures for 2019 with a Home match v Wem USC on Wednesday 3rd April.

 Full Fixtures under Premier Team button above.

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