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Previous Team Photo's

Losing Finalists in the 2003 Harris Cup.
v Bowring, played at Hadley U.S.C

Winners of the Premier League Mayhew Trophy 2002
S Clarke,S Burroughs,N Harvey,P Grimston,G Taylor,D Birch
M Hinton,R Teague,C Flattley,P Sherry,S Nicholls,T Deakin

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Wem League Div 4 Winners 2005
P Owen,T Deakin,A Wheatley,A Medlicott,M Owen
A Bradburne,C Bough, L Farruggio,T Farruggio,R Willetts

Losing Finalists in the 2002 Harris Cup
v Dun Cow played at Glynwed

Mid-Shropshire League Ashton Cup & Division 4 Winners 2005